APINJ is now Indexed in Scopus

(Toronto, Mar 6, 2024) We are happy to announce that the Asian/Pacific Island Nursing Journal (APINJ), which published its first article with JMIR Publications in 2022, was accepted for inclusion in Elsevier’s Scopus in November 2023. 

APINJ is one of a number of specialist journals in the field of nursing and the focus is very important to the future delivery of Asian and Pacific Island health, globally. The APINJ is already a developing field with the potential for growth in innovation and development.

JMIR Publications is pleased to have the following journals indexed/accepted in Scopus:

  • Journal of Medical Internet Research
  • JMIR mHealth & uHealth
  • JMIR Research Protocols     
  • JMIR Human Factors     
  • JMIR Mental Health     
  • JMIR Serious Games    
  • JMIR Medical Informatics     
  • JMIR Formative Research 
  • Journal of Participatory Medicine 
  • JMIR Diabetes  
  • JMIR Cancer  
  • JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting   
  • JMIR Medical Education 
  • JMIR Aging
  • JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies
  • JMIR Cardio
  • JMIR Public Health and Surveillance
  • JMIR Dermatology
  • JMIR Infodemiology
  • JMIR Bioinformatcs and Biotechnology
  • JMIR Nursing
  • Online Journal of Public Health Informatics
  • Asian/Pacific Island Nursing Journal 

Additional journals may currently be under evaluation. 

Scopus is used by more than 5,000 institutions worldwide and JMIR Publications is glad to be a part of it. In general, all recently accepted titles will be listed separately in the Scopus Title list within 1 month after acceptance.

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